What I'm working on

Although Trac provides Django with a reasonable bug tracking system, it doesn't provide a particularly helpful interface for me to keep track of the subset of tickets in which I am personally interested or invested, but not ready to personally commit to working on.

To compensate for this, I use del.icio.us to keep a track of tickets that I think are interesting. This page is a cache of those del.icio.us bookmarks. If a Django ticket appears on this page, it is because I have seen the issue and it has caught my attention. The reasons why any particular bug catches my attention are wild and varied; sometimes it will be because it falls in an area of personal interest (for example, a bug in the test system); sometimes it will be a bug that affects me professionally; sometimes it will just be a feature that I think is particularly cool.

If I find myself with time to dedicate to Django, the tickets on this page will be the first tickets that I address. However, I make no promises of when I will get around to addressing any given ticket. I also reserve the right to change my mind and add or remove tickets at my whim. I'm a volunteer, and I work on tickets at my own discretion. I am providing this list as a way of providing some visibility on my personal priorities, not as part of a service guarantee.

Unfortunately, deli.cio.us appears to be unavailable at the moment. Let us imagine that there was a todo list here....