2:46 PM, 12 April 2010

An end to my Evolution

Time to step down from one of my projects: Django Evolution.

4:33 PM, 15 August 2009

Getting hgsubversion to work under OSX

How to get hgsubversion working on an OSX box.

1:35 PM, 8 July 2009

Even better than I thought

Packt Publishing's contribution to Open Source is even better that I thought it was.

12:08 PM, 7 July 2009

Oh yeah... I should probably mention...

12:06 PM, 7 July 2009

Doing the right thing

It's nice when people that make money off open source projects give back something to the projects from which they benefit. Packt Publishing just made my list of companies that know how to do the right thing. Wotnews is another.

11:35 AM, 14 November 2008

This Week in Django

This week, I was a guest on This Week in Django. Listen to the end and you get a secret surprise ending.

1:12 PM, 5 November 2008

What! No comments?

Wherein I explain why I haven't enabled comments on my blog.

10:06 AM, 24 October 2008

EzyDVD store passwords in the clear

A public service announcement - if you use EzyDVD, be aware that they store their passwords in the clear.

10:59 AM, 21 October 2008


Wherein I reveal the secret history of my freakboy3742 nom de plume.

1:19 PM, 13 October 2008

Yet Another Blog Engine

In which I announce my arrival in the land of the blogger.